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Exporting Transparency
Exporting Transparency
Learn: Create a new gradient, Adjust opacity, Export file with true transparency.
How to make a realistic pupil in Fireworks
How to make a realistic pupil in Fireworks
1) Create a circle size 330px x 330px; align: 41x, 40y.
Set no stroke, Fill #000000, feather 4
2) Create another circle size 329px x 329px; align: 41x, 40y.
Set no stroke, Fill #633000, set fiber texture 13%, and set these effects in this order.
-Inner Shadow, color #000000, size 91, 65% opacity, 49 softness, 257 angle.
-Inner Shadow, color #000000, size 91, 37% opacity, 91 softness, 113 angle.
-Inner Shadow, color #000000, size 35, 25% opacity, 20 softness, 90 angle.

-Note both these circles need to be placed directly over eachother. The brown circle on top.

3) Create new circle 102px x 102px; align: 155x, 154y. Feather 21, Fill #000000, no stroke.

4) Create new circle 58px x 58px; align: 154x, 129y. No stroke, Fill #E7CFC6.
-Apply Inner Shadow- Size 16, Color #000000, 65% opacity, 20 softness, 301 angle.


The overall order should be large black circle on very bottom, large brown circle above that, small black circle above that, and small tanish circle above that.

From there you can easily change the fill of the large brown circle to any color eye, and adjust the texture to better suit your needs.
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