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Podcast your PowerPoint presentations
Podcast your PowerPoint presentations
Podcast your PowerPoint presentations What’s the fastest way to let your students, colleagues or friends to get your latest PowerPoint presentations ? How to make your learning courses be reached by your students anywhere anytime through internet or portable devices such as iPod? This is a general topic about how to make your teaching become more efficient and effective. You may have created a compelling PowerPoint presentation and want it to be viewed by your students before you giving the class. To accomplish this you may put the PowerPoint presentation file on your blog or website as a downloadable file and send the link to your students by email. This is a nice idea but what can you do if some of the students are not convenient to receive email when they are outside home or have no email address or even a computer? Here we provide an innovative way to make your idea come true---Podcast your PowerPoint presentations Podcasts are based on RSS technology. They are like having a magazine subscription. You subscribe to a magazine you want to read and whenever a new issue is printed it is delivered to your doorstep. Podcasts are the same because you can subscribe to a podcast and whenever a new episode is available it is automatically delivered to you. With the RSS technology, you can create Podcasts from PowerPoint presentations and let your students or friends subscribe to your RSS feed through their computer RSS tools, iTunes (for iPod, iPhone), Pocket PC or other portable devices. Benefits of Podcasting your PowerPoint presentations: An easy and convenient way for Learning and training Video podcasts enable students and teachers to share information with anyone anytime. By creating Podcasts from PowerPoint presentation, If a student is absent, he can download the PowerPoint presentation course Podcasts to learn. It can be a tool for teachers or administrators to communicate curriculum, assignments and other information with parents and the community. A quick and effective method to spread your PowerPoint presentations to the world Podcasts can spread the world by RSS feeds only by seconds. So, podcasting is a great marketing strategy execution should be concerned by all business marketing professionals. If you are teaching online and want to sell your PowerPoint courses to people who need them, it is an effective method to convert them to video for Podcasting. A way to share unique videos for entertainment You can share your unique video slides created by PowerPoint presentations by publishing your video podcasts to Podcast directory such as iTunes. Subscribers can download them and don't need keyboard or mouse interfaces to choose channels and items, much similar to zapping through regular TV stations, and new episodes show up automatically, so the technology is ideal for on-the-go (portable media players and mobile phones) and living room mass media sharing. How to create Podcasts from PowerPoint presentations Firstly, we should know what kinds of video formats are most suitable for Podcasting. Select proper format according to your audiences. 1. Use MP4 format if you want to publish your video podcast to let people download to their computer, Apple TV, iPod or iPhone etc. 2. Convert your presentation to WMV or MOV video to let people watch it online or download and watch it on their local devices Secondly, we need a conversion tool to convert PowerPoint presentations to videos for Podcasting. Wondershare PPT to Video is a tool which can convert PowerPoint presentations to video formats such as MP4, MOV, WMV etc. Just by 3 clicks simplicity, 1. Import your PowerPoint presentation 2. Select output formats such as MP4, MOV or WMV. 3. Click “Start” Publish your Podcast Upload your video Podcast To publish your video Podcast, you should upload the video file to your web server first. You can also upload your Podcast to sites provide podcast host such as Then you should create an XML feed for your video Podcast. If you don’t know how to create an XML feed, please see this tutorial: Listing Podcasts with iTunes 1. Open up iTunes. 2. Click on “ Music Store” 3. Click on “Podcasts” 4. On the left-hand menu, click “Submit a Podcast” or click “ Publish a Podcast” at the center of the page. 5. Enter your RSS data feed and click “Continue” If you have any questions in using Wondershare PPT to Video to create Podcasts, feel free to contact us Myblog:
PowerPoint 2007FEditing Your Photos
PowerPoint 2007FEditing Your Photos
Most people would agree that PowerPoint is a great tool to create stunning photo slideshows.
Creating a slideshow by gImport and Exporth may be the common way used. But with enhanced graphic ability in PowerPoint 2007, you have more easy-to-use features to edit and customize photos.
In this article, we will talk about some clever tips to use PowerPoint 2007 as a photo editor rather a simple slideshow maker.
1. Image Borders
Using different style of borders around the edge of an image makes the images to catch more attention from the audience. PowerPoint gives you handy access to create interesting border lines for your images. You can either change line color, line weight or even line style.

First, insert an image to a PowerPoint slide.
PowerPoint 2007 -> Insert Ribbon -> Image Icon
Browse to your picture folder, insert an image for editing.

Second, Click the image and then go to the Format Tab.
Format Tab-> Picture Border
Under Picture Border, select a theme color, choose a line weight and then find the line dash style you want.
When done, you will see a line border around you image.

2. Image Frames
Something like image borders, frames also easily pretties up your image. PowerPoint expands the concept of style to Quick Style Functionality and offers a beautiful frame gallery for you image.

When you insert an image, click the picture to activate the Format Tab. Then you can see the Frame Gallery in that tab.
You can select a Picture Style from the gallery in the image below to apply a frame, shadow, 3-D rotation, and other effects to selected images.

3. Recolor an Image
If you are a Publisher user, you should have experienced with the recolor feature. In PowerPoint 2007 , you can do it in much the same way.

When you select a picture, you can find this Recolor Tool in the Format Tab of Picture Tool. You can apply the color style you want to your image, from Dark variation to Light variations.

4. Create Auto-shaped Images
The next good thing with PowerPoint 2007 is that you can change the shape of any image. Your image can be resized in any auto shapes. You have a lot of variations, from basic to complicate. You image is not longer in a rectangles. You can cools them up so quickly and easily!

5. Add a Theme
PowerPoint template gives your presentation a uniform look and feel. That is the same reason we use theme for our photo slideshow.

A theme not only gives a color scheme to your photo slideshow but also formats fonts, effects, effects and background styles and more. Once you specify a theme, all the elements in the slideshow will be changed to match that theme. If you are not satisfied with the color scheme, more theme color options are available for you choose from so you are able to create a theme in different color scheme. Of course, you can even change the fonts and effects of a theme.

With these tips to create a wonderful photo slideshow, now you may like to expand its audience by publishing to web. Here are some tips to share a PowerPoint slideshow on web with success.
1. Save as an HTML Webpage (Static Slideshow)
PowerPoint 2007->Save As -> Web Page
2. Convert to Flash Slideshow for Sharing on Blog or a Webpage (Animated Slideshow)
3. Specify the Default Fonts for Web-Based Slideshow
4. Change the Title for a Web-Based Slideshow
5. Change the Target Screen Resolution for Web-Based Slideshow
6. Optimize Your Slideshow for a Specific Browser

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