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Setting up your website - Dreamweaver tutorial

In this tutorial, we will set up a new website in Dreamweaver
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Start by clicking Files on the right hand side panel. I have many sites, to start a new site click "Manage Sites...".

Now click New > Site.

You now have to choose a Local Root Folider, make a folder in your Documents and put another folder in there called "images". then click select for your root file to be "yoursite".

Fill in the form like so:

Now click ok, to start a new document click File > New... > Html > Create

1: Is your website name which will be seen at the very top of your browser, its set to default as - Untitled Document. Change it to what you want to be showed.

2: Is what your file name is, to save your document go File > Save as... save your file as index.html, this is what the browser will pick up as your home page, for example and, these 2 urls are the same.

Now you have saved your document your file should look like so on dreamweaver.

Now you know how to set up a site in dreamweaver!