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Show hidden layers on rollover - Dreamweaver tutorial

Make hidden layers in Dreamweaver and make them visible on rollover
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Show-Hidden Layer
This tutorial will show you how to show a and hide layer.

Preview: Rollover here to Show-Hidden Layer

(Well, you can see the layer when the site loads here, but it will be invisible when you place the onLoad function call within your <body> tag)

Go Insert > Layout Objects > Layer

Click inside the layer and then go Insert > Table and put a table in like this.

Choose a border colour and a background colour.

Highlight the text you want your discription to showfor. Go to Behaviors > + > Show-Hide Layers

Click Show > OK

Change the option to onMouseOver so that when you put your cursor over the word the discription apears.

Go Behaviors > + > Show-Hide Layers > Hide > OK

This time we going to choose onMouseOut so that when you have your cursor not over the word the discription wont show.

Now hold down Ctrl A and go to your Behaviors > + > Show-Hide Layers

Use the behavior option of onLoad and your done!