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Akuma Street Fighter forum signature - Photoshop tutorial

Nice forum tag tutorial featuring one of the toughest street fighters - Akuma
Category: Photoshop > Forum Signatures - Difficulty:

Welcome today you will learn how to make this Akuma street fighter signature:

Make a new document, 400 by 110 and fill it with black

Now take your brush tool, and with a soft round brush make 3 dots in the middle of the tag, use for this 2 different colors, make 2 dots in cyan and one dot in purple

Make again a dot, but make it on the top of the tag, make it in purple, make sure the cyan dot is still a bit visible !

Now make two white dots, make the one of the purple and cyan dot and one on the bottom over the purple dot, make sure you still can see the purple dot on the bottom !

Now find a nice looking render, make sure itís already rendered and past it, resize if need. Then take your smudge tool and smudge the render a bit , donít smudge to much.

Past again the original render and donít do anything with it, past it on the same place as the previous smudged render .

Past your original render, on the sides of the tag and then set the layer to Lighten, erase the parts u donít like .