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Calendar icon - Photoshop tutorial

Create a cool looking calendar icon for your website or blog
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Calendar Icon.

Step one:

Start with a large black canvas and make a new layer set titled Calendar Icon in your layers window. In a new layer draw a 38 x 41 pixels, white rectangle.

Step two:

In a new layer draw a 36 x 8 pixels, #303030 rectangle. Make sure when you position this shape there is a 1 pixel space between the edges of the rectangle.

Step three:

In a new layer draw a small 4 x 13 pixels, white rectangle.
With this layer add Gradient Overlay layer style.

Now duplicate the shape layer and position it on the opposite side.

Step four:

In a new layer draw a 15 x 12 pixels, #303030 rectangle on the bottom corner of your calendar.

Step five:

Inside the small rectangle from step four, add the days using font Arial, bold, 11 pt, none and white for color.

Step six:

Now add the month using font Verdana, bold, 13 pt, none and #303030 for color.

Final Results:

Calendar Icon.